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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hey Persi, can you say
"John-ny Depp"?

I have just spent the most fabulous morning with my daughter. The Greater Union cinema at Parramatta has a Babes in Arms session at 10.30 on Wednesday mornings. This morning it was Pirates of the Carribean - Dead Man's Chest and so we were offski! And it was great! There were 4 other babies in there and a couple of poor unsuspecting blokes who obviously weren't parents.

Persi and I grabbed the middle seat in the back row - perfect because I had her in the strap-on and not the pram (thinking ahead...bloody brilliant!). The baby-bag doubles up as a backpack so it's easy for us to get everything around.

The lights were on but enough to not bother us and so that I could see Pers, which was great because I'd figured if I fed her her morning feed while we were there, she wouldn't complain too much. And she didn't (bless her cotton socks) although, following feed usually comes play, so she chatted and laughed with me a bit once I'd fed her, then settled on my lap to watch the filumm.

And I know she was watching because there is a point where something jumps out at you and pers jumped before I did. So she watched it intently for a while, looked around to see what the other babies were making so much fuss about and eventually snuggled up for a snooze...until a canon went off. She didn't fuss, just woke up, remembered something interesting was happening and decided to watch the rest if the movie.

It really was better than I expected. I expected lots of kids running riot and a bit of chaos, but in all, it was a lovely and pleasant experience and I think Persi enjoyed it as much as I did! I only wish I had taken my camera because when the movie finished, I had to organise all the gear and sat Pers on the chair. When I looked down, she had hold of my empty Maltesers wrapper and it would have been a very cute shot.

Then we went to Borders and it's funny, I've always loved childrens books, there are some brilliant ones around. I now make a bee-line for the childrens section. All the old favourites are there like Meg & Mog, The Eric Carle books, the wonderful Mem Fox stories, all the Mr Men and Little Miss (She already has Mr Sneeze), Dr Seuss (I can't wait to introduce Pers to 'I had Trouble In Getting To Solla Salew'), & Spot you can handle.

And then there are the new books and there are some terriffic ones. I am going to go back and buy Andrew Daddo's (yes, whodda thunk huh? I mean a Daddo????) 'Goodnight Me', which tells a story about a baby orangutan going to sleep and saying goodnight to all his body parts (extremely cute). Then there was a story called 'That's Not My Dragon! (His ears are too fuzzy!)' which I will have to have...I mean Pers will have to have...you go through the book and the scales on all the dragons are differently textured and this is a board book too and there were others in the series like 'That's Not My Car! (It's windows are too shiny!).

So because Persi let me sit Pirates and admire Johnny Depp quietly for a while, I thought I would buy her a book. I got hera book called 'Hello Dudley' by Sam Lloyd. It's about a naughty little moster, is a board book, but his beak is a purple glove beak. I showed it to her in the shop and she was really interested in it, so I figured it was a winner.

In the post below, is a photo of 'the bug'. This trippy little critter clamps onto her change table and plays a song while the wings spin. She really loves this toy and will watch it mesmerised for ages. The other day, she was in her room and I was on the computer. She woke up and started to cry and the bug started to play. It was one of those spooky kind of things especially seeing as it's a music box that plays (and you know how freaky those can be!). I quickly looked around to make sure it was just us in the house and we had no uninvited guests. Nope, just us chickens. Didn't stop me freaking out though...maybe she's got some powers I am unaware of, or someone watching over her...

Oh and the film? All I will say is Johnny Depp...Fwoar! Hand me a bib, I need something to soak up my drool...


  • At 7/26/2006, Blogger Fiora said…

    Hi !

    Great blog!! Any bragging about my little niece is AOK in my books haha. Speaking of books - Ive already bought a few (so we dont double up) including five of the "little miss" series, "what makes a rainbow", "how to be a princess with princess rosebud" and "the snot goblin" (the last one is to keep her in check with reality haha.

    Im glad you had fun today - I probably wouldnt like to tempt fate and go to these sessions during school holidays hehe!!

    Love Fiora

  • At 7/26/2006, Blogger Wenchilada said…

    Hey Bron,
    Wow, thanks so much! I love kids books. I have always tended to gravitate to their section for years and now I have an excellent reason!

    Luckily, they don't do the Babes in Arms sessions during the school holidays. I think it's tempting fate going to any session at that time...

  • At 8/01/2006, Blogger Aphie said…

    Erm... when I was working at the bookshop I became terribly, terribly addicted to kids' picture books.
    You should buy Persi The Paperbag princess! And The Kiss That Missed.

    My own rugrats will one day be weaned on the children's tales of Neil Gaiman (The Day I Swapped My Dad For Two Goldfish) and Caroline Crimi's gorgeous Boris & Bella *(about a vampire and a zombie).

  • At 8/02/2006, Blogger DV said…

    I have a particular love of the Sandra Boynton books, particularly 'hippos go beserk' and 'not the hippopotomas'

  • At 8/03/2006, Blogger Wenchilada said…

    The Sandra Boynton books are nice too. I have Moo, Baa, La La La.
    I'm so excited though, Mum's here and has been helping out with Pers while I had my wisdom teeth out today. Tomorrow, she wants me to take her to Borders. Mum'll love it there!


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