Wenchilada & The Baby Burrito

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Finger Food - check
Da-da, Ma-ma, Ba-ba and assorted other 'words' - check
4 upper teeth and 2 lowers - check (weird, but check)
Crawling - check
Standing in cot/playpen - check
Fascination with electical cords - hangonasec.... WHAT'S WITH THAT?!

Monday, December 11, 2006

The flight is booked!


(Dead set better than Santa!)

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Avocado is yucky and it makes your poo go green!

I have never seen her dislike anything so much!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Just keep swimming...

Ahhh...swimming lessons! Usually, Pers loves her swims, today, not so much. Probably didn't help that the 'heated' pool wasn't really heated. Even the swimming instructor commented that it was a bit cool.

There's a really nice lady who turns up with her little girl and we chat. Today her pregnant sister came too, so she took some photos of Pers and I. Thanks goodness she didn't get any where Pers was screaming her lungs out, I don't think I could live with myself.

So here they are... Me and my cupie doll...

And this week the favourite past-time is rolling! Rolling all around the living room, off the play mat, to the door and all around her cot. She keep waking me up because she manages to roll herself onto her tummy in her sleep and then gets frustrated when she dosen't roll back the other way. I just found her asleep on her belly with her bum up. Her airway was clear, but I felt a bit weird with it and moved her back onto her back, which annoyed her no end. She's back to sleep now, so that's what I'm gonna go and do too!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Two, ah, two ah...

TWO TEETH! Ah ah ahhhhh...

Poor little chook...

Friday, October 13, 2006

Yep, we're still alive!

Been a while, really...

So what have we been up to? I have returned to the Sheltered Workshop for Twonking Idiots. Uncle Ecker took care of Persi-O for the first week and my Mum has just been this week.

It's been an interesting week! There have been (and in no particular order):
Swimming lessons
"Da da da da da!"
Nummy food
This weird ass rocking thing, kinda like Stevie Wonder
A high chair
Icky sinuses (both of us)
Bloody hot weather!

And now, for your entertainment...

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Love your work, Pers...

So today, we went to the 'Mothers Group'. It was good because I got to talk to a couple of other Mums who had their babies at the same hospital as I did and who were equally as unimpressed as I was, experiencing similar issues such as: Not answering buzzers, crabby staff, slow to get pain relief, being left alone in my room unless I buzzed for stuff (I could've been haemorrhaging and no-one would have noticed!)...that kind of stuff. And I realise that there is a staffing issue and that it was busy there, but I honestly thought it was substandard and at least now I don't feel so bad. I honestly went away from there thinking maybe they thought I was weird or something and were minimising their contact with me. But no, they were just slack. One of the mums said she heard the manager telling them to answer bells and another mum saying they would all go into the nursery and hide in there, not answering bells...

I know what nurses get up to, I mean, I am one. But when you're a patient, it's different, you expect a bit better and you don't want to believe that the people who are being paid to look after you and your tiny, defenseless little one, are infact, going to do just that. Not the case here. Infact, when the second day blues hit (and bloody hell they hit me hard!) the basically just closed the door on me and left me on my own. I hardly saw them except for when they came in to patronise me with "Do you think maybe you need to talk to someone?" I mean, you tell me, you're the professionals here!

So yeah, I was less than impressed, but at least now I know it wasn't just me...
Pers, yeah, you gotta love her work. I turned up and they gave me a mat for her to play on so I put her on her tummy and she promptly rolled over! And everyone was like "Wow!" and I was like "You saw it here first, ladies!" Persephone just kind of looked a bit surprised, but I was impressed! She's been trying to do that for ages and well, there you go! I had her weighed and measured. She is now 7kgs and 63cms tall (exactly 100cms shorter than I am!).

She was doing her best to sit up and grab everything and the community nurse seemed so surprised that she is so alert. I wasn't, she's been pretty alert since day 1! Anyway, the community nurse said Persi is doing very well and is probably going to develop pretty fast, which is great, but I am just as happy for her to do what she wants when she is good and ready. Because just as I am as proud as punch of her, and I will brag about her all day if I am challenged to (I'm her biggest fan!) I also realise that all the development can happen under the sun, but lets be realistic and not place unreasonable expectations on the 4 month old!!! Heaven forbid the poor little thing grow up with self confidence issues!

So that all out of the way, I took Persi to Westfields to get our passport photos done. They tried to charge me an extra $5 for Persi's (because babies don't often co-operate). I said "If my baby co-operates, I am not paying the extra $5...

...of course I didn't pay! She looked straight at the camera, they took one shot, I paid $15 for me and $15 for her, they didn't try to push the issue and I walked away.

Love your work, Pers!