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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Getting some religion

So we took Persi to church the other Sunday so that we could meet the priest and talk baptism with him. Which would have been fine if the sermon had've preached some tolerance and acceptance instead of 'this religion's got it wrong, so has that one, and how deep does a bughist monk meditate? 1 cm? 2?' and 'the jews, well they definately have it wrong, we need to convince them to do what we're doing' type stuff. Bugger that, I thought. Mr C was outside because Pers was loudly stating her objection to the whole thing as well. So when he came back and had missed all the other bits, we hadn't had a chance to discuss things before I found him giving our details over to the priest...

Who, for a small minded, bug-eyed git with a beige taste in clothing and bad hair, he was educated enough at least to know where the name 'Persephone' had come from. Good for him. But, I'm pretty sure I saw the fire and brimstone flash ever so briefly in his eyes as we introduced ourselves as Paul & Sara (good Jewish names) and Persephone (obviously a greek, heathen, mythology type name). And for the briefest of moments, I think we were judged! "We will have someone call you back within the week" he said (nothing yet).

Now personally, I don't want to bring young Persi into a church that dosen't preach tolerance and acceptance (for a start), nor do I want my child (at the tender age of 4 months) to be judged by someone who obviously doesn't practice what he should be preaching in times such as these. And I thought the good ol' C of E was a bit bette than this. At least, it was when I used to be a regular church goer. So I think we're going to need to find a different congregation or have her baptised something neutral and less conservative (if infact religion can be less conservative).

It's all well and good for Mr C to say "Oh look, we just want to get her baptised and we never have to go back", but really? In my heart of hearts I just can't come at that and I would much rather go somewhere I would at least not have a problem returning to for her religious education...hmmm...what to do...


  • At 8/08/2006, Blogger Fiora said…

    Hey !

    Have you thought of a naming ceremony instead of a baptism? Speak to Nads as she was talking about one when she was over - its kinda a baptism sans religion.

    My house still isnt clean but I couldnt face doing anymore....ok ill go and take some red frogs and go for another 2 hours hehe

    I hope Im being a helpful Aunty Bon - big kisses to you Persephone!!

  • At 8/08/2006, Blogger Wenchilada said…

    No, we both would like Persi to have religion. As contentious as an issue it is. We have to talk and discuss things a bit more...

  • At 8/10/2006, Blogger worldpeace and a speedboat said…

    interesting post Wenchy!

    I'm not in any way religious, so I'd be going for a naming ceremony for the Dinghy. except that, as it happens, just across the road is the C of A church that my older brother was baptised in!* and I have a bit of a thing for traditions. I'm not really sure what to do.

    btw when I was in high school I had a terrible arguement with a baptist about baptisms. apparently for Baptists, a baby is Christened and Baptism is a voluntary thing done when you're older and choose to do it. whereas (as I remember it) in the C of A the baby is baptised/christened and the parents vouch for it.

    *thanks mum, for letting me live here for about a decade before telling me... heh.


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