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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Finger Food - check
Da-da, Ma-ma, Ba-ba and assorted other 'words' - check
4 upper teeth and 2 lowers - check (weird, but check)
Crawling - check
Standing in cot/playpen - check
Fascination with electical cords - hangonasec.... WHAT'S WITH THAT?!


  • At 1/10/2007, Blogger Fiora said…

    My rabbit used to enjoy eating electrical cables......I dont recommend encouraging that fascination hehe!!

  • At 1/10/2007, Blogger worldpeace and a speedboat said…

    The Dinghy's next ones will be on the top as well... I thought it was strange too but The Nanna just went 'eh' so there you go...

    his Wild Card at the moment is Fascination With Feet* +6

    * Pref. With Sandals To Remove & Play With But Failing That, Toes Are Very Nice Too Thank You

  • At 1/15/2007, Blogger DV said…

    mmmm tasty electrical cords. they get such a good reaction too.

  • At 1/24/2007, Blogger Mindy said…

    Electrical cords can be nasty because you get stuck behind the TV cabinet and you aren't sure whether to panic because you are stuck or enjoy chewing the cables while Mummy isn't looking and it's all very upsetting.

    (is there something amiss with blogger hacks on For Rattle?)

  • At 1/29/2007, Blogger Wenchilada said…

    Hey Mindy,
    I've removed the Blogger hacks link. Seems it was err...corrupted somehow.



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