Wenchilada & The Baby Burrito

Friday, November 10, 2006

Just keep swimming...

Ahhh...swimming lessons! Usually, Pers loves her swims, today, not so much. Probably didn't help that the 'heated' pool wasn't really heated. Even the swimming instructor commented that it was a bit cool.

There's a really nice lady who turns up with her little girl and we chat. Today her pregnant sister came too, so she took some photos of Pers and I. Thanks goodness she didn't get any where Pers was screaming her lungs out, I don't think I could live with myself.

So here they are... Me and my cupie doll...

And this week the favourite past-time is rolling! Rolling all around the living room, off the play mat, to the door and all around her cot. She keep waking me up because she manages to roll herself onto her tummy in her sleep and then gets frustrated when she dosen't roll back the other way. I just found her asleep on her belly with her bum up. Her airway was clear, but I felt a bit weird with it and moved her back onto her back, which annoyed her no end. She's back to sleep now, so that's what I'm gonna go and do too!